Webinar - Innovation procurement of food & catering services for the healthcare sector

Aug 18, 2016

Date & Time: 29thSeptember 2016, 3pm CET


Duration: 1 hour



This hour-long webinar, organised by Health Care Without Harm (HCWH) Europe for the EcoQUIP project, will examine innovation procurement of food and catering services for the European healthcare sector, with case studies and policy context, as well as introduce the theories and practice of innovation procurement itself.


Gaynor Whyles, of Jera Consulting (a partner in the project), will talk about innovation procurement and the EcoQUIP project itself (a European project, the aim of which is to improve the efficiency, quality and environmental sustainability of healthcare through innovation procurement).


Grazia Cioci, Deputy Director of HCWH Europe, will discuss the procurement of food in the healthcare sector, the opportunities and challenges that exist, and the EU Green Public Procurement criteria for food & catering services, currently being developed by DG Env & the JRC. Grazia will also introduce EcoQUIP’s Joint Statement of Demand on sustainable and healthy food for the healthcare sector, which will be launched shortly. The webinar will also launch HCWH Europe's report: 'Fresh, sustainable & healthy food - Best practices in European healthcare', which highlights some of the excellent work being done in the area in hospitals all over Europe.


Finally, John Cartwright, Director of Estates and Facilities at the Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust will showcase a hugely successful recent procurement project at Rotherham Hospital, whereby the hospital was able to revolutionise its catering service to make impressive cuts to its energy use and CO2 emissions, while at the same time improving the patient and staff experience.



  • Gaynor Whyles, Jera Consulting/EcoQUIP
  • Grazia Cioci, HCWH Europe
  • John Cartwright, Director of Estates and Facilities, The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust


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