Sucha Beskidzka Hospital - Photovoltaic Awnings Formal Opening!

May 5, 2016

The event was a great success and was attended by hospital personnel, EcoQUIP team members, representatives of local authorities, managements of different hospitals and media.

The launch event commenced with short a introduction and welcome from Hospital's CEO - Marek Haber. The introduction was followed by a presentation from Mateusz Lichón (EcoQUIP team) on the methodology of innovation procurement and Sucha's experience of the process. After that Marek Haber (CEO) talked about EcoQUIP project from the perspective of the Hospital, details of the specification and technical aspects of purchased solution. The presentations were concluded by Marcin Kautsch (EcoQUIP team) with a discussion on the difficulty of change and the importance of building a culture of progress and innovation, highlighting Sucha Beskidzka Hospital as an example of such culture. Finally a short discussion was held to allow delegates to have an open question and answer session.

The presentations were followed by a visit outside the hospital to allow delegates to see the installation and discuss its details. The meeting concluded with networking and refreshments, during which many congratulations were passed to Sucha. Additionally, great interest was expressed from fellow hospital attendees, as they enquired about how they too could obtain such a patient thermal solution.

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