Study Tour & Peer Learning Workshop - ERASMUS Medical Centre, Rotterdam

Jan 15, 2016

Study Tour and Peer Learning Workshop

Wednesday 13 January 2016

Erasmus Medical Centre, Rotterdam

Erasmus Medical Centre in partnership with EcoQUIP project hosted a study tour featuring the award winning automated VMRC bed and mattress cleaning facility, now installed in the new hospital building.  We were joined by partners from the EcoQUIP spin-off project, EPP-eHealth and experts in innovation procurement. The solution is the outcome of an innovation procurement project supported by the European Commission under the EcoQUIP project and the project won the Public Procurement of Innovation Award in 2014.

The study tour included a site visit to see the facility in operation and an opportunity to hear first hand about the experience of the procurer and supplier in using innovation procurement to deliver better, cost effective and more environmentally sustainable outcomes. 

The study tour also included an EcoQUIP Peer Learning Workshop and looked in more detail at a key aspect of the projects success: Total cost of ownership and carbon reduction as evaluation criteria.  It was also be an opportunity to hear first hand about some inspirational projects leading to transformation of services and introduction of innovative solutions.

The event provided a forum to discuss and identify opportunities for collaboration and future innovation procurement projects enabled through Horizon 2020.


09.00          Welcome and orientation (Jonathan Erskine, EuHPN)

09.15          Introducing the VMARC (Eva de Boer, IMS Innovations)

09.30          Tour of the VMARC Facility

11.00          From unmet need to innovation – the innovation procurement journey. Perspectives   

                  from the customer and supplier (Eva de Boer and Jeroen Veenendaal)

12.15          Lunch

13.15          Peer Learning Workshop:

                             1. Total Cost of Ownership and Carbon Reduction as evaluation criteria 

                             (Joram Nauta, TNO)

                             2. Innovation procurement for better service outcomes.  Case examples

                             (Jeroen Veenendaal, Rotterdam City Council)

14.45          Coffee

15.00          Collaborative initiatives and future opportunities for innovation procurement in

                  Healthcare: Support from Horizon 2020 (Angus Hunter, Optimat/EcoQUIP)  

16.00          Conclusions and forward actions

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