Sucha Beskidzka Hospital, Poland - UPDATE!!

Nov 5, 2015

The cost-effective and low carbon solutions to maintain the thermal comfort of patients project was the result of RES Hospitals project training programme, where a group of participants raised an issue of thermal comfort of patients.

The thermal comfort of patients and personnel with the lowest exploitation costs was identified as one of unmet needs of the Sucha Beskidzka Hosptial. Through a lenghty process of market sounding (summer-autumn 2013), identifying potential suppliers (autumn 2013) and a technical dialogue (spring 2014) one solution was identified: photovoltaic awnings.  The "reguar" procurement process was initiated (Oct 2014) and a winner was chosen (Feb 2015).

The hospital secured funds from different sources and work commenced in August 2015 to install the photovoltaic awnings, this work is due to finish this month (October). 

As a result of the project, there are savings are of some 23K euro; thus, the net value of a new solution versus airconditioning which would  some 46K euro a year. This is money, the hospital wouldn't have had if they hadn't used innovative procurement.

You can read more in the recent newsletter (in Polish).

You can also read more in the presentation (in English).

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